Kid Play 60

Antimicrobial Playground Grass

Designed specifically for playground applications, Kid Play 60 is not only constructed to perform and last under heavy use, but it features both antimicrobial and static protection that are often specified in commercial playground applications.  

Realistic Appearance

The C-Blade yarn system has a combination of field and lime green blades combined with a curly tan and olive thatch layer.

Blades:   Field    Clover

Thatch:  Thatch in Forest Forest    Olive

C-Blade Technology

The UV stabilized C shape can help reduce surface temperatures by up to 20% while providing a realistic appearance. The ribbed blade also eliminates weak points in the fibers creating unprecedented split resistance.

ChargeGuard Technology

Olive Pro 70 features our innovative ChargeGuard technology that reduces static conductivity by 200%. The electro conductive yarn fiber guarantees total coverage and is designed to last the life of the product.

Antimicrobial Protection

When creating a playground, safety and cleanliness are key considerations. That’s why AGS offers Antimicrobial Protection built into Kid Play 60. Our customers appreciate the added peace of mind that they feel after providing that extra layer of protection for kids at play. 

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Kid Play Antimicrobial 60

*The color in the photography may appear differently than actual product. Please request product samples from your sales representative.

Turf Specifications
Primary Yarn:  Polyethylene
Thatch Yarn:  Polypropylene
Primary Yarn Shape: Ribbed C
Face Weight: 60 Ounces
Pile Height: 1-1/2 Inches
Gauge: 3/8 Inch
Primary Backing: Stabilized Multi-layer Woven Polypropylene
Secondary Backing: Silverback™ Polyurethane
Total Weight: 87 Ounces
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Main Applications:

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