Residential Lawns

Low-Maintenance Artificial Grass Lawns

There is little debate that maintaining a lush, natural grass lawn in the desert, is virtually impossible.  While many have tried, many homeowners quickly conclude that life is more fulfilling when they can spend more time and money doing the things they love...and less time working on your lawn.   AGS can help by installing a maintenance-free lawn that will look beautiful all year long.

Artificial Grass Lawn at Residential Home in Phoenix


Benefits ofArtificial Grass Lawns

  • Natural, beautiful appearance year-round  
  • Provides safe and clean environment for pets and children
  • Reduces maintenance time and cost - no mowing, trimming, fertilizing or watering
  • Drains quickly for mud-free environment
  • Reduces allergic reactions
Artificial Grass backyard at Phoenix home


Benefits ofWorking with Artificial Grass Superstore

  • Two decades of experience
  • Proven success serving the Phoenix area
  • Large selection of premium, feature-rich, American made turf
  • The Phoenix area's most experienced and proven installation teams

"I cannot say enough good things about Artificial Grass Superstore!  Initially we had it installed in our front yard and neighbors raved about it.  Just recently we did our entire back yard and it not only looks fantastic, but our water bill is significantly less and I feel like a more responsible citizen for doing my part with the earth’s resources.  Also, our sales rep - Tom is so amazing!!!  He went above and beyond what I expected!"


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