Infill for Every Application

Artificial Grass Superstore carries a number of synthetic turf infill solutions for a variety of applications and budgets.


A premium turf infill made of coated, round sand that enhances the safety, durability and performance of synthetic turf while enhancing fluid absorption and improving drainage.  Envirofill is used extensively in commercial playgrounds, pet applications, lawns, and as a top dressing for putting greens.

Key Features
Exempt from Prop 65
Envirofill® has been declared non-hazardous and exempt from prop 65 labeling requirements after a complete and thorough evaluation by Duke University Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Office.
Integrated with antimicrobial that helps control the growth of bacteria, mold, and odors

EnviroFill Synthetic turf infill

Silica Sand

Available in multiple grit sizes for your specific application, silica sand effectively weighs the turf down to keep it in place and protect against wrinkling.  Plus, it emulates the impact absorption qualities of soil so you will feel like you are walking on real grass.

Key Features
USGA Approved
Available in 50 lb bags of 12/20 and 16/30 grit
Not recommended for pet applications

Silica Sand infill for artificial grass lawns and landscaping


Zeofill infill features an absorbent mineral that locks in odors while cooling surface temperature by up to 30% in synthetic grass applications.  Its natural zeolite granules reduce both pet odors and surface heat to create a cooler, more comfortable surface that is safe for pets and people. 

Key Features
Helps reduce pet urine odors
1 lb per square foot

Zeofill odor absorbing infill

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